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Not receiving mail in O365 from some Companies, like e.g. LinkedIn

Hi all,


14 days ago I migrated my domain name and e-mail To GoDaddy (O365). I’m receiving mail in O365, except from two companies, one of them is LinkedIn. I don’t think DNS propogation is the issue for a big site like LinkedIn, or could it be that I should be more patient?




Hi @Langeer,


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Were you able to resolve this with LinkedIn? You're correct, it's doubtful that the issue is due to DNS propagation. A close check of the email you've entered with LinkedIn would be a good idea. You wouldn't be the first person to error with one letter off in the email you provided them. If everything is correct, you'll want to be sure to list them as a "safe sender" in your email client



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Thanks @TLH for the suggestions.

I din't make a typo in my e-mail and indeed added the domain to the safe
sender list.

I reached out to Linkedin Customer Support, hopefully they have a solution.

Ok, so I think I have a problem with my GoDaddy DNS. I have multiple companies now who can’t reach me. One of them reported they get the message:

Deferred: Name server: ***@***.eu: host name lookup failure.

My DNS records are the default Office 365 records created by GoDaddy.

Please help, what can I do?

Hi @Langeerm,


If you've re-checked your DNS settings and find no changes have been made to your email clients, we suggest you contact the GoDaddy customer support team - so that they can check delivery in real time with you. You can reach them at the number most convenient to you in the signature below. 



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