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Office 365 SMTP



I need some clarification regarding SMTP relays limitation.

It mentions here that  you have 500 relays (and 1000 in other places).

Business Email users are set to 500 relays per day by default, so there will be no need to purchase additional relays on these plans.


But here its noting the limitation does not apply to email exchange addresses.

 Note: These limitations do not apply to Exchange email addresses.


So, office 365 addresses using Godaddy hosting service do not adhere to this limitation ? Or am I reading this incorrectly ?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Office 365 SMTP



Office 365 is Microsoft hosted email. Therefore GoDaddy SMTP limits do not apply since nothing is going through the GoDaddy server. 


Your hosting account would still be subject to the relay limits - in other words if you have a form on your website that is where the limits apply.


I should note, that I do believe Office 365 does have some sort of daily limit, I'm not sure of the limit - this is to prevent people from spamming / doing bulk emails via that system

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Re: Office 365 SMTP



The limitations that Office 365 imposes are not as nearly as bad and disruptive as Godaddy. I means Microsoft gives pretty generous amount (I believe over 10,000 SMTP relays). Also, Godaddy blocks SMTP client submissions through its hosting service.