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Office 365 - junk and bulk mail filter is too aggressive

The basic filter process built into the Office 365 Outlook is too aggressive as valid e-mails are being sent to either Junk or Bulk.  I would rather it not filter any incoming e-mails as I use a client on my desktop to retrieve all my mail instead of using any of the Outlook web apps.  I was forced to change to the Office 365 system and this is my biggest complaint so far along with the failure of SMTP setup on my client.  Has there been anyone who has seen a work-around for the Junk or Bulk that does not involve 'whitelisting' all the accounts?


I see that no one from GoDaddy cares enough to answer. 

It is trash and you can not change it. Suggest Going to Google Workspace, 

I have another option and am looking but will check out Google.  It is
so much trouble checking my webmail to actually get my mail.  I have
used Thunderbird for over 20 years.  I have e-mails going back that far
that I would not like to lose without printing them.