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Outlook 2016 - Outlook Setup Wizard needs a MASSIVE warning: DELETES ALL existing accounts!

I recently set up a new email account & decided to use the "outlook setup wizard" to add(?) it to my existing Outlook setup: HUGE mistake.


I had at least 5 different accounts already present (using different connection methods  - POP3, IMAP, echange, etc) with tons of rules to administer the incoming emails.  After running the wizard to add the new email, I went back in to find ALL pre-existing accounts deleted.  New one works great, of course  😕  , but the damage is done - and it's massive.


There was no noticeable warning (giant red skull & crossbones?) this was going to happen and - seriously - why any developer is going to sweep clean all existing accounts before adding the new account is beyond me!  I don't even want to consider the cost in hours this is going to take to correct. (So unimpressed, it isn't funny).


If anyone has any tricks to recover/specifically backup the accounts as well as any email rules that were created on those accounts, that would be a great help.


For heaven's sake's, GoDaddy: Put a GIANT warning on the Outlook email setup wizard!




From the other posts about this, it appears there's no recourse - once they're deleted, they're done.





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Hi @QualityOverCost,

that was unfortunate and hindsight is not much use but a good rule of thumb is to always back things up before making changes. I know this doesn't help much now, but it will.


As for GIANT warnings......

I once saw a giant warning, but I carried on up the beanstalk non the less......................

same thing just happened to me WTF !!  What should we do now ?

all my old email account and email was gone now ....

How come they did not fix this problem ?