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Outlook App Connection with Note 9

Ive recently updated my phone from a Galaxy s8 to a Note 9 and I'm having trouble connecting my 365 accounts to it. I get to the Go daddy log in page and the next it will go to a "Loading" page with a circle that just keeps going round and nothing happens? Is this a bug? my software on the phone is up to date and I really need to connect it up as I live in One note and Outlook!


Any Help


Hey @Gem_saloon,


Unfortunately, I'm more of an iOS user myself, but were you able to get this worked out on your end yet? The most common solution for Note devices that I was able to find in search engine results indicated that uninstalling and then reinstalling the applications to the affected device would often fix this. 


If you haven't already done so, you can also reach out to our live support so they can better assist you with troubleshooting this.


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