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Outlook Mobile App for Iphone

My company recently switched from Workspace email to Office365 through godaddy. Multiple users downloaded outlook through their Iphone, and every morning when they go to check their e-mail, the outlook app says it could not login and wants you to re-enter the password. I have tried deleting the accounts and re-adding them. Anyone else been through this? 


Hello @kaceycowan!


Welcome to the community! To help everyone better help you, can you give some more information? Are they able to log in at all? Can you log in on the site? Thanks!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Same problem.


my emails wok well in Outlook in PCs but the problem is in outlook app version of iPhone and iPad .  I typed the server names (imap and smtp) but the processes couldn't be completed. a message pops up says the username and password are incorrect.


I contacted the outlook support team but they have no solution. the problem seems to be with godaddy. I think gadaddy doesn't support outlook apps even though its sales team sell their services to people. I believe that marketing a service that doesn't support the new technology is marketing mistake.  If I had known that this paid email is not supported to connect with new apps, I would not have upgraded to the paid emails. I upgraded to the paid emails just few days ago.


I contacted godaddy but  no solution from their side, and one of them said it is an old technology and I should move to the new ones like 365. so if it is old, why godaddy still market it to their customer. very disappointed. !!


I might be wrong, so I ask here, any solution godaddy community please?


Many thanks in advanced.

I cannot make outlook work with 365.  I enter the info and it won't take it 

Make sure you entered your name correctly. It is not just your email address,  but your name as well has to be inserted exactly as it is when you created your email.Try again!

Example please.

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