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POP3 e-mail collection through GMail very slow

I've had a hosted domain for many years. I have a main email address for the domain, and I use godaddy's POP3 to collect, read, and reply to e-mails through my other GMail account. There has always been an unusual delay between when e-mails are sent to my domain address and when they show up on Gmail via POP3 - sometimes an hour, sometimes several hours. This is annoying, but it hasn't been much of an issue until now, because I don't use the address much.


However, now I'm selling items using this hosted domain, and the delay is untenable. The first order I received generated an e-mail from PayPal which took over six hours to reach me, meaning there was no chance to respond to it in a timely manner, and my shipping of the product was delayed a day.


I need that to be faster, and I don't know why it wouldn't be effectively instantaneous. Every other e-mail service I've used is much faster, delivering in minutes rather than hours. Is there something I can do that will make this work?


This is not a GMail problem. I have several other accounts from other domains which get mail through POP3 instantly.

Community Manager

Hi @dobnarr. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! When you set up a POP 3 connection via Gmail, it initiates the collection of messages much like other email clients. Messages are not pushed from the email server you're connected to (GoDaddy or otherwise). They are always "pulled" by Gmail. In searching online, the information I've found suggests that the rate that Gmail pulls mail is dependent on how often it finds that new messages are in the mailbox in question. If the source mailbox has new messages in it frequently, then Gmail will pull the messages more often. To verify this, you can check the history of your imports in Gmail by going to Settings>Accounts and Import>view history for each mailbox you're importing from. I hope this helps. 


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