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Problem with Email sending

I have problem with sending email from my company mail account

I use web base and the massage move to send items but not deliver to the client ??


any solution


same issue here , also cpanel is slow and gives error


An error occurred, please try your request again...


for unknown reasons it back to work



Any update or solution from GoDaddy team.

Any update or solution from GoDaddy team.
This is the first problem and I hope there is a quick response???

@khalilquza I'm glad to hear it's working again. 


@Aten-Energy Were you still experiencing this? If so, I recommend contacting live support to review further for any account specific issues. 




Naterx - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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When I first switched to Godaddy spam emails received skyrocketed and we had no end of problems with emails not getting thru to recipients. Godaddy will tell you Cpanel email is no good and claim that subscribing to Office 365 is the solution leaving a customer paying fees for life. What they won't tell you is the real problem is that Godaddy has so many spammers on their shared servers that their servers get blacklisted all the time  which blocks legitimate emails too. I got their excuses and song and dance for months before I finally changed to another hosting company and immediately all problems went away and we now have stable uninterrupted emails .