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Program using SMTP to connect external SMTP service provider

Dear Support,


I am not sure whether I post in the suitable board, if not, please let me know. Thanks


My problem is:


I am now using share host on godaddy and using wordpress

I need to use SMTP email sending and I have my own external smtp server.

I can connect my own external smtp server well during using my local host testing

But I cannot connect my own external smtp server through SMTP on godaddy host.

I already tried few SMTP servers (my own server, gmail, another share host email service with smtp ) with all negative results. All of them provide the failure message like "[SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]"


I really want to know the answer of a simple question after struggling with customer service.

Q: can I use my own external SMTP server to send Email ? 


Thanks so much

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Keithmyownproj, it's not possible to use custom SMTP settings with our shared hosting plans.  You would need to either use the provided relay server to send mail, or switch your hosting to a VPS or Dedicated Server.  Both of which would allow you to enter in your own SMTP settings for sending email from the website.  



Hi Guys

I have just been on the phone to the vps support team and have been told that VPS users can NOT use external smtp servers from website code.

I'd like a definitive answer! And if it IS OK from a vps that which port should i use?

My problem is that the GoDaddy dedicated relay is frequently blacklisted and mail bounces.