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Want to change original email address

I have registered a GoDaddy account and bought a domain with that account. I changed the domain contact info email address as I need to verify domain ownership. The email address I changed does not work really work. It is just for verification purpose. But I forgot to change the original email address after domain ownership verification.

Now I forgot that GoDaddy account and I want to retrieve the password. I know the customer number. But I forgot the email address that I put for domain ownership verification. So I would like to change the original email address for my GoDaddy Account which I cannot login now.

I would like to request any help to reset my Godaddy Account password or change the original email address.


Hi @Nyein_Wai


Thank you for your post. You have a couple options. If you remember the PIN number you created or have access to the Credit Card you used to register the domain, you can call our customer support line and validate your account with one of those two methods. Once you are validated our agents can help you update the address on file to regain access to your account.


If you do not have access to either of the validation methods or email address on file you may still regain access by submitting and change update request to our team. This can be done by visiting the URL and filling in the information. This will require that you submit photo identification that shows the same information as what was submitted as the registrant information on the domain.


Hope this helps!