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Workspace Webmail wont stay logged in

After I have logged into workspace webmail I can open one email or compose one email. If I try to send the email or look at another email it will revert back to the login page. It seems like it is allowing me one "move" and is making me re-login. Any ideas on how to solve this or what the problem might be. Started happening about 5 days ago and I has not changed. Thanks 


Re: Workspace Webmail wont stay logged in

So......... after 1.5 hours of back and forth with godaddy chat help, no definitive answers. Surprised? Not so much. Went through every possible scenario for a problem on my end and nothing. Luckily I had the feeling it was on their end so I just kept trying different things. I tried the Updated View and that was all it took. As soon as I went back to Classic View the same problems returned.


Re: Workspace Webmail wont stay logged in

have the same exact annoying issues and with my team . I've spent  so many hours trying to figure this out as well.

Re: Workspace Webmail wont stay logged in

Hi there - I have the same issue. Where do you find 'updated view'? On the phone, here at GoDaddy? I can't seem to find it. Thanks for your help!