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box trapper

box trapper was the only software that worked for me to actually block spam.


see this article:


does godaddy have boxtrapper or equivalent software we could use?



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What kind of site are you running, developer, or Wordpress, website builder? 

Are you talking about form data or straight email? 

You can either stop spam at source or at your receiving inbox end. If your site is developer built then it is relatively easy to block it at source, even certain IP's can be blocked. This is done in the mail handling program that forwards your mail. Another way is simply making it difficult or awkward for spammers, by adding captcha etc to your form, as a lot of spam is sent by, yes you guessed it, robots. Or asking for more details that can be checked, such as phone numbers and addresses.

The way at your end is to simply apply filters and rules to your inbox.

There is software out there that can limit spam, but the truth is, the harder you make it for spam to reach you, the harder you make it for your clients to reach you too.

There is a scale from 0 to 100, and you have to find a reasonable balance. Spam is infuriating at times, like cold calls, but the only software that can completely eliminate it, stops all email.