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cPanel Email (IMAP) not working?

Today, my cPanel set up email for both my domains stopped working.  My mail clients ask for my password and don't accept it, and logging in via says I'm not authorized for email.

I called support but I'm on eternal hold.  He seemed to indicate I wasn't the first to call about this.

Nothing changed on my end.  Not DNS.  Not password.  Nothing.


Anyone else having this issue?


Re: cPanel Email (IMAP) not working?

Error message from Horde: User is not authorized for Mail (Host: my_home_cable_dns_name).

Re: cPanel Email (IMAP) not working?

I've got the exact same problem. Even if I create a new email account, can't login into it via IMAP and Horde logs in but says the account isn't authorised for mail...


Re: cPanel Email (IMAP) not working?

Apparently my account was downgraded from Deluxe to Economy THREE MONTHS
AGO and it just now caught up. Re-adding Deluxe and having them restart
cPanel seems to have fixed it.

Re: cPanel Email (IMAP) not working?

Hmmm yeah probably something to that. I noticed my account is Economy at the moment, not sure when I downgraded. Upgraded to Deluxe, so will have them restart cPanel and hopefully will be working again. Thanks mate.