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email wildcard configuration

I used to be able to allow wildcards to be forwarded to a single email address on my domain, now it seems like I have to manually create aliases to be forwarded to an actual address. Not only is this a step backwards in SMTP functionality but I got sold a forwarding add-on that I was told was necessary for this to work but appears to be nothing more than forwarding email from a GoDaddy hosted domain to an external (non-GoDaddy managed) address.

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What I do is create a catchall address (with no SPAM filters) and let all of the wildcard addresses go to it @dogten. Those are usually email addresses like info, contact, sales... My reply to/from addresses are like, I just make rules in my email box to label those incoming emails. I find that is better for me than adding too many forwards. I hope that helps?


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I had it setup exactly this way previously. Now the system is only allowing
me to create aliases that forward to a mailbox and the catchall feature
won't let me assign a mailbox. The interface used to be extremely
straightforward and it no longer is.