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If having issues where you receive email from your correct email address, bur sent email looks like its from the example above, then you need to sign-in at with your GoDaddy Office365 account info. Once you are in the Exchange Admin Center, click on groups. Then in the left column of options, it will say Dashboard, Recipients, Permissions, etc. Click on Recipients, then select the display name with the unusual email account that looks like the title of this post, then click the little pencil Edit icon to get to the settings of this messed up email address. A new window will pop out with options in the left column like General, Mailbox Usage, Contact Information, etc. Select Email Address in the left column, and then select the email address you want to use. Click on the little pencil Edit icon, and then select this email address as the default email and save. Now that the desired email address is the default email address represented in bold, select the other email address(es) and select the minus icon to delete them.


Problem Solved


Afterthoughts: The domain is the microsoft online active directory address for all web-based authentication for all microsoft accounts. the user_XXXXX is the GoDaddy customer number for microsoft active directory commercial accounts, and the -XXXXXXXX is your GoDaddy account number i believe. The netorg number is the microsoft account number assigned to whatever domain account you are using with GoDaddy.