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outlook mails not going- unsolved for long

We are using outlook for office us with PoP account


in recent past 1 month the outgoing doesnt go instantly,it stays for long without goign and after 2 hours or so it send.


We have all the setting done right as we didnt face this issue before/


Please arrange to rectify this.


I tried sending the same issue in forum before but the reply comes without any solution saying it is resolved- This is also alarming the support level we are getting from godaddy




Helper I

Same issue here. Support was useless. kept wanting me to change passwords. WTF?? There "is" a setting that outgoing mails uses same verification as incoming mail...and If I "get" incoming mail, IT'S NOT THE **bleep** PASSWORD!!! Geesh, it's not rocket science. 

Helper I

Actually, I fixed it myself. This may help you. I remember I installed SSL on my I decided to try the "with SSL" settings in outlook...

Incoming port # 995 and Outgoing port # 465 ...both with SSL.

Try that. Worked for me. All mails stuck in outbox, left immediately.