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sending email through office 365 emails essentials

i have hosting windows plesk Economy hosting plan and have work space.

i tried to send emails using my workspace email/smtp server. it keeps failing until i used port number 80.

it successded in sending emisl for two days then stopped sending emails.

i contacted customer service and they told me. sending email using free workspace email is not supported. you should upgrade.

i was not sure of his words but any way i was thinking of upgrading to office 365 email.


so i purchase Emails Essentials account and tried to send email from my code using server and port 587. also used enable SSL as it's documented by office365


but still getting failure message.

after a lot of research, i found some posts that i should use,


so my question is, is it really disbaled to send emails using email providers or workspace emails?

is it a must to use ?

emails essentials is best than it and it's purchased from godaddy, so why is it blocked?





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