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Crisis Learnings After Seven Weeks of Intensive Marketing Care for Businesses During Covid-19.

Since March we expanded our daily operations as a marketing agency with a help center. We tented up a first-aid marketing post to help companies adapt and react to the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This turned out to become a 24/7 hotspot for marketing- and communication ideas. Not only to adapt to current circumstances, but we also got involved with entrepreneurs rethinking their longer-term visions and plans. New ideas and ventures towards the future. Indeed, quite some business people used the 'still waters' of mandatory immobility to rethink or improve their business model within a long term vision.


We witnessed and witness some real interesting future-driven plans, inspired by necessity, in which we participated actively in a creative way.


Briefly, some examples (quite general as we guarantee confidentiality); 


In real estate, various new concepts to sell real estate from remote are getting closer to a formula that captivates 'the human feel within the real estate deal' combined with functionality and effectivity. This will impact this market also in the longer-term as mobility in life is increasingly part of our futures. 


Two competitors in home improvement are working on an operational joint venture sharing logistics and on-site marketing efforts. A 'keeping the wallets closed' deal. Except for lowered shared costs, no cash transactions take place.


We supplied -often overnight- creative marketing (ideas, campaigns, operational marketing tools,...). In low-cost ranking; the low dollar winners were less than $100 and some pro bono for non-profit.




>> Temporary models 'adapting to the new normal' might lack net profitability (because of the temporariness, etc.) but express customer dedication and connectivity with the market. This would be more expensive (and in some cases nearly impossible) to achieve in normal market activity.

>> Even in full shut down mode, continue communicating your plans and projects towards the future. 

>> In long term planning, always include the 'big alternative' in your business model. Customer mobility (visiting your store, venue,...) has proven to be a vulnerable factor. 

>> Temporary becomes Permanent. Some 'temporary modes' (ordering from remote + delivery) will become new traditions.

>> Use the 'crisis mode' that reshapes the landscape. Forget pride, competition bravado, fear to show your wounds,... There's no harm reaching out to a competitor to examine a collaboration, nothing wrong talking to banks, suppliers,... Together is the key. There's no crazy question.

>> Don't be disappointed when super ex-staffers consider career-shifts, etc. because of this crisis. They'll become ambassadors of the new edition of your business.  

>> Re-starting after Covid-19 might look scary with impacted cash resources, slow projections,... we're all in this. Talk.

>> You might be contacted by people that unfold new initiatives. Be open. 

>> To positivism, I dedicate the next paragraphs. It's the ingredient, together with common sense, that includes much more than all the above and all crisis literature you can find.


Indeed, the most important overall conclusion is an 'encouragingly evergreen classic'. We got in touch with entrepreneurs that were hit so far out of their comfort zone; that they seemed to be landing in the 'last resort of comfort': creating chances by being immensely positive. Often they recently lost their operational revenue, they had to lay-off people they loved working with, they're surrounded by people coping with uncertainties,... and the further we evolve, the more elaborately projecting plans and figures, the more convinced they interact like a young one who touches the potential of a new game (and you bet; no one involved underestimates the confronting painful circumstances). 


The more we all, entrepreneurs, discover that we can create chances by common creativity, the more energized we get; the lighter the weight on our shoulders seems to be balancing and... the better the outcome proves to be.



Of course, If you think we can help; feel welcome.


All the Best,



Rik Raats

+1 559 280 1448

Community Manager

Fantastic write up @RikHenryRaats! Thanks so much for sharing learnings. Spreading good news and positive energy is super important right now, Take care!


RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Dear Rachel,

My pleasure! Thanks for your feedback. Your community initiatives create a great environment for sharing and contributing.

All the Best
Advocate VII

Hi @RikHenryRaats ,


Your emphasis on communication, being humble, open, and responsive is spot on.  Thanks for taking the time to write.  


Staying positive!


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