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How to adopt new normal

It's really difficult to decide what is appropriate to share right now.. Not long. only couple weeks ago, everything seemed so normal, we were doing the things without thinking.. Going job, spending hours at gym, enjoying tea breaks in between, chit chatting with friends, so on.. Now, life is changed in a virus storm.. Totally upside down, but only one thing remains the same, what are we going to eat ? So, I feel responsible to share healthy, immune protective veggie loaded recipes here more than ever.. You know immune system is crucial point in this war, stay home, stay calm, be positive, take vitamin C, get daily home and outside - in the wood not in a crowd- exercise, eat plenty vegetables and fruits, don't drink alcohol, meditate, sleep at least 7 hours a day, sharpen your self care practice, and last and most importantly enjoy the simple things in your life now, enjoy spending time with your family..

I'm posting tons of healty, pantry and freezer friendly vegie loaded recipes at , trying to keep everbodies immune system stronger..


You are doing the right things to adapt.  The shelter is place is just getting started and people are BORED. People are ONLINE.  Business posts that were not being seen, are being seen, so post things that inspire, comfort, and show people who you are and what you stand for.  This is the perfect time to expand your online posting.  Stay in touch with customers--we cannot control this crisis, but we can control our content.  Any control goes a long way for mental health and also customer engagement.  

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Ok but please how can i do it
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Hi @Healtyeat - Thanks for posting and sharing your recipes! Being home with two small kids one of the things we've been trying to do more is incorporate them more into what we're doing. Slowing down with time on our hands and cooking, showing them how to pick ingredients, follow directions, making them a part of the process. 


It's been fun watching them learn and an added bonus is they tend to eat more & try new things when they helped to make them!



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Thank you for your advice. It is very important not to lose your mind in the Covid-19 age. Some have of us have children to home-school. Some of us have elderly relatives to worry about. Some of us have never been busier; others have already lost their jobs. Many people started smoking, drinking and using drugs again. Very bad situation!!  - of you or your relatives have such problems you must immediately ask professionals for help! 
Take care of yourself!!


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What a great idea!  That carmalized shallot mushroom fig tarte photo on your home page made my mouth water --looks yummy!


I keep reading over and over again how being healthy is one of the primary defenses against COVID.   This virus is out of our control to control.  But what we can control is what we eat and the shape we are in, right?


If everyone starts eating healthier and make the effort to exercise more they'll be stronger and more able to go out and about knowing they are not in the risk pool.    I've seen many a funny video of how people are keeping in shape indoors -- one guy was using his toddlers as weights.   He was working out and the kids were having a blast! 😉


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