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The One Thing That Has Worked Best

Hi All,


As we are beginning of phase 2  brick-n-mortar pivot, I'll take a breath and make a couple of observations.  If one were to ask at this point in time, what was the number one thing that has allowed us to engage our customers I would never have thought the answer would be -- Telephone.  Yup.  The old phone call.


As we fixed our websites, Kathi was on the PHONE (not yelling, just emphasizing) while customers were using the website.  Many times, the phone call initiated the customer visit to the website.  


Old customers called.  Not texted, not emailed, not showed up in Zoom.  Called.  Wow! 


We've use call forwarding, SmartLine, Grasshopper, and I'll take a quick look at Zoom calling when its out.  May wait til its stable as what we've done as a patch is working an is the structure for our call handling and routing in the future.  Thanks GoDaddy -- Smartline does have a place in this solution!!


What was your number one engagement?  What are your future phone plans?


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I've always found the personal touch to work well with any customer, including myself, as long as it's sincere and genuine. Offering whatever makes the customer most comfortable usually leads to them reaching out as long as whatever is being sold is of some value to them.


My number one tactic for keeping people engaged -- the old-fashioned email newsletter.


As long as you don't spam people 3-4 times a week, I've found most will take the time to at least open the email and peruse it. It's still an invaluable tool. I find it's much easier to convert people to my way of thinking via a standard email newsletter.

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Hi @MrVapor ,


We've used email newsletters for a long, long time and they have been our bread and butter tool for sure.  I think that after all of this settles a good segmented, targeted list is going to be key.  Once again, its back to metrics and observation on how customers are/have changed.  


Thanks for this discussion!


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