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All pages 500 errros

My site had some kind of crash a few weeks back and I've lost all my Google page ranking. That's 10 years of hard work vaporized.


My daughter's website is down as well:


ALL pages inside my site throw 500 errors, including some of the control panel items. I've tried updating web.config, recycled my IIS app pool, and turned off my CDN and none of this helps.


All pages and files (images, text, HTML, php) throw 404s or a generic Secureserver "page not found" as if I'd just purchased the site.


WTF is going on with my site? I've made no changes to it in several months, it's a few aspx files with mostly master pages.


When I talked to someone in support, they clamied the site came up for them.



maybe you have problem with .htaccess file. You can login via ftp 

I don't use an .htaccess file.