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How do I set up Windows authentication for my site on a shared Windows server via Plesk?

In the Plesk interface, the "ASP.NET Settings" section of one of my sites allows me to manually select Windows authentication (example). However, there is no obvious way to actually get this up and running. I've tried adding Windows authentication to my web.config as well, like so:


    <authentication mode="Windows" />
      <deny users="*" />

Yes, I know I have this set to deny all users — I'm just trying to get the browser dialogue for Windows log in to pop up in the first place. Even though I have my site set to Windows authentication in both places, my site is still not requiring any authentication for access.


So, assuming that there's some way to get the site to actually enforce Windows authentication for access, how do I create a Windows user account on the server which would only be used for this site-level Windows authentication? Plesk should provide a way to do this in a safe manner, so that this Windows user account would only have access to one's own site directories, and it would only have the minimum permissions (no FTP, obviously no RDP, etc.). Does GoDaddy/Plesk simply not provide a way to do this on shared servers? And if so, why do they offer "Windows" as an authentication mode if it doesn't even work?


Any help in getting this working would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I just talked to GoDaddy tech support.  This is not possible with a shared hosting plan.  Only 1 user available - the one that setup the account.  Disappointed - this is a basic windows hosting feature.