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Lack of support and no managers available

To date I have had 8 support chats and phone calls to fix a single issue and each time get a complete run around. Each time I report the issue and get put on hold while they analyze what could be wrong and each time I get told my hosting needs to move to a Plesk server. I get told time and time again how sorry they are that I am having this issue and a support ticket will be raise.  I get asked wach time to wait either 72 hours, or the last one was 7 to 10 days for this to be migrated to a Plesk server. We are now 2 months later, 8 attempts later and still nothing has happened. My last call I asked for a refund as no service has been delivered from GoDaddy and all that happened this time was a request was put in for a manager to contact me which should have been within 48 hours. We are now 3 days later and still no contact at all. 


I just find that no one seems to know what they are doing. It might be a lack of anyone wanting to do any work at all. All I want to do now is take my business elsewhere and even this is proving to be an impossible task for the support staff. I am going to need to take legal action soon as this has gone on way too long now.

Dave Maritz

Our all websites have been down since 3 days now. And godaddy team is still not able to solve the problem. They changed something at their end and it was a disaster. This is what I got on twitter message reply from goddady "Unfortunately, there is no ETA but our support teams are working on resolving it as soon as possible."