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Multiple issues with Wordpress install

With several issues on my old install, I thought the best solution would be to wipe and start again.


So, I have Wordpress 5.2.2 installed...


1. I can't import the XML export I created before I deleted the old site.

  • With various searches, I need to update the php.ini file but under Plesk, some of these settings are in a different file (user.ini) which can't be edited and doesn't include the setting I need.

2. I'll restore from an old backup?

  • I can install the WordPress Importer plugin and the Twenty Nineteen theme, but all of the plugins I try to install fail with the error 'The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions'.
  • I can't find the site admin email inbox to check what I need to do next...


At this point, I've spent 4 hours doing something that should have taken 2.


Any advice?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Multiple issues with Wordpress install



Besides for the fact that I really don't recommend running WordPress on windows....


1) you are correct that typically on windows it is user.ini vs php.ini and some of the formatting of settings is slightly different


2) The issue with XML import might be a PHP extension not being able on the server


3) If you can view the database you should be able to see the default email for the site in the options table


4) If you have access to the server error log, you should see the PHP error (assuming errors are logged) as to what the issue is


If I had to guess it's one of a couple things

a) could be a path / permission settings 

b) could be a memory issue - not enough memory

c) could be a php version issue


or it could be something else all together


Hopefully this can help get you going in the right direction

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