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PLESK down, websites down, no support

My websites running on PLESK have been down for at least 12 hours, since this morning of May 11, 2019. I only knew about it because of one angry customer telling me about it. It might have been down for much longer than that.


I called support in the morning, and again at night. Both times, they told me that it's a known issue and that they're working on it, but have no update status or timeline for a fix.


Can someone tell me conclusively whether someone is actually looking into this issue and is fixing it? This website is pretty critical for my business. For the two past years or so, I have been feeling that Plesk and Windows hosting have been treated worse than second class citizen by GoDaddy. The server has been consistently becoming slower and slower, to the point where it's now dead and the only response is pretty much "too bad, so sad."


Re: PLESK down, websites down, no support

I saw the same thing today. 15 hours already. I start doubt whether they really provide sufficient technical support though every time i was told "something is working hard on this ..."


Last time, when they upgraded the Plesk panel and unzip function was eliminated, their support also told me multiple times "this is a known issue and we are working on it ...." 


So disappointed.

Re: PLESK down, websites down, no support

I have been having the same issue for the last 8 days in a row. Each morning around 8 am EST, all my sites go down for about 2 hours. I have contacted support nearly every day about this. Their support technician start work at 5am in Arizona which coincides with 8 am EST.  They keep on saying it is an known issue dealing with Plesk update that ran on server ( over a week ago? ) .. Literally the worst support issue EVER... They keep on saying they are working on it and it never gets resolved. 

Re: PLESK down, websites down, no support

Something major happened about 10 days ago.  there were major reports of websites down and mine was among them.  I still don't have my SSL certificate site back up and I've received five different fixes from techs on chats and none of them has resolved the problem.  I know that I have some mixed content on my site that needs to be recoded as https but that should NOT prevent the home page from loading.  I also saw that two php files were added to the root directory of my website in April and these were not done by me as I did not upload anything all month long.  Something weird has been happening and GoDaddy have not been clear with me at all.


Re: PLESK down, websites down, no support

To give you guys an update, my PLESK went back up eventually, but then went down again. Unfortunately, this server is way too unreliable to have any type of business rely on it.


I have made the decision to kill my PLESK server, and slowly start migrating anything non-ASP.NET dependent to the Linux hosting, which so far seems much better. Tomorrow, I'm going to call tomorrow to try and get my money back on the PLESK hosting, which does not live up to its 99.9% uptime guarantee by a long shot.  I will look for alternatives for my ASP.NET projects, such as Amazon AWS (preferred).


In the future, I will slowly start migrating all my projects away from GoDaddy to AWS. If only GoDaddy would stop spending money on silly commercials, and instead focus on making their services better.

Re: PLESK down, websites down, no support

It took six chats with Tech Support to get my site back up.  Most of the techs I spoke with had no clue about what was happening even though I told them about the huge server problem that GoDaddy had about three weeks or so ago.  The non-SSL site was back up after the second tech session and then it was playing whack a mole until we figured out that the DNS pointer was bad (one of the earlier techs had me reset it and perhaps that was the issue).  One tech tried to tell me it was because of mixed content on my site (there isn't any) when the SSL site would not even open.


I have an AWS account for data storage and will consider migrating my website over to Amazon.  I need to do a bit more reading to see what if any issues there will be.