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Unable to import MS SQL Database dump - please help

I have tried several times to import my SQL DB dump into Plesk. Any time I try it just displays an error and results in the server being unavailable. At which point I just have to delete the database and start over and try again. Does anyone know what this error message means and how I can solve it? Any help is hugely appreciated as this has been a big pain for a few days. Thank you.

Unable to import the [db name] dump:

  • Unable to set the maximum file size of the database: 'mssqlmng failed: The server principal "n1nmssqlv03plsk" is not able to access the database "[db name]" under the current security context.
  • at (VADOConnection::execute line 78)
  • at execute console command --set-max-size(vconsoleapp::start line 93)
  • at execute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\mssqlmng" --set-max-size "--server=" "--login=n1nmssqlv03plsk" "--password=*" "--database=[db name]" "--max-size=-1" "--max-size-unit=MB"(vconsoleapp::run line 110)
  • (Error code 1)'
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Super User III

Re: Unable to import MS SQL Database dump - please help



You may want to call into support on this one. It looks like a possible server side configuration issue.

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