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Changing SSL Domain

I purchased an SSL and I didn't see anywhere I could choose which domain to associate it with. It apparently defaulted/applied it to my first domain....not the one I intended to use it for. When I go into the ReKey and Manage menu, the only option under "change the site that your certificate protects" drop down menu is the domain it's already applied to, none of my other godaddy registered/hosted domains.


How can I change the SSL to the domain I want to use it?


Hey @Bukkakeaisu,


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If you requested the wrong domain name name for your SSL to be issued to, you should be able to change the common name here. If you're still having trouble locating one of your registered domains to submit the new request for, I would recommend reaching out to our live support so they can help assist you with the update. 


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Getting Started

#1.) I never requested it to be associated with any domain!!! There was no where to input it and it did so without my authorization!!!


#2) That is exactly what I've tried to do but the instructions seem to be for an outdated setup. Regardless, under the "Change the site that your certificate protects." menu, I only have the site it's currently associated with as an option. There are no "Change to a hosted domain" or other options.


#3) I am not in the US and due the time difference, I cannot get anyone on the live support!!!


Please advise!!

Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Chat agents are currently unavailable.


Why e-mail support was pulled in favor of this is beyond me but it's been weeks and all I have is a response that is basically what I read on the help site....I need help! I need help! Where's the salt pork?!

Is this resolved? Im having the same issue. Only my first domain in the hosting is shown when choosing the website to apply the SSL Certificate.

I am having the same problem.

Support sends me a link for info that just 400's out have to use new browser.

Point is I told the tech where I wanted the ssl and they put it on the MAIN domain c panel.

Tech says well for 200.00 we can fix that.

There mistake and now want 200.00

seeking new host, really tired of this type of business.

Most of the time customer service should be king, have used godaddy for years but that means zip I guess, all about the money!