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Connection refused when sending a PHP cURL request to my REST API

I have some custom PHP code for my website, which communicates with a REST API that I created myself. The API lives on a cloud VM on another hosting service. It's not part of another website, so it just has its own IP address and no domain.


Apparently, GoDaddy has some kind of firewall that blocks any outgoing requests to this VM, because I always get a "connection refused" error from the cURL request. It works fine on my local machine though, so this issue is definitely on GoDaddy's end.


Is there some way that I can allow outgoing requests to my REST API from my website on GoDaddy? The entire point of the REST API is to serve up content that will be displayed on the website, so, it's kind of important.

Helper VI

You would have to call support... I've made a similar request a long time ago.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @