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Domain won't work with www, but works without.

Ok So I have interesting case. Where when I direct It says it is dangerous site. 

but when i just go it goes to link just fine with SSL? How can I make www protocol just direct it to my without any hasle? 


And it also differs on browser seems like Chrome just directs it fine, whereas other browsers have a issue with it. 


Hi @Mise, thanks for posting.

Taking a look at your site, it doesn't look like it's using our hosting services and you appear to be using an SSL from Let's Encrypt.

From what I can see, '' is not included in the SSL, so it's not secured.

You will need to work with your hosting provider or your SSL provider for assistance with this.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am having the same issue. My site has everything purchased with godaddy. The domain name, the hosting the SSL everything purchased from godaddy. When I type it works fine. But when I type the browser says the site is not secured. Chrome works fine but other browsers report it non-secure site.


Please advise.