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GD Security Monitoring shows old SSL cert and New one.

Recently renewed SSL cert for one site. We are periodically getting a security/privacy error on our primary network (all computers all browsers). When we change ISP or our public IP is changed, the error doesn't happen. 


We have SSL monitoring setup on GoDaddy Security. Looking at that we see both the old expired certificate and the new one. Should it be that way? Is it cached someplace in GoDaddy. We know it isn't cached anywhere on our systems. Is this why we will sometimes have the privacy error pop up?  


Also we renewed before the cert expired (01/08/21) but the new cert now shows 01/19/21 as the start date?  That has changed at least 3 times since renewal???


Right now we are seeing the old cert, an hour ago the new one... been off and on for about two weeks. Yes, talked to support. All the do is run an ssl checker. I think the old cert is cached elsewhere in the GoDaddy shared server world, so this IP address picks that up the old cert on that server. When I hit a different server it goes away for a bit. Hopefully this isn't happening to my customers.  


02/01/21  - Worked fine for a week. Back to hitting the old certificate today.