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Here's the authorization code and domain information you requested:

I received this email

Here's your authorization code
Here's the authorization code and domain information you requested:

Customer Account: mine
Domain Name: mine
Authorization Code: 2B4C23D... (etc)

I did not request anything to do with this domain.


Is this a potential hack?




I had the same email.


Didnt request it.



Same here... I got one yesterday 02/07 and I didn't ask for one.

I've called support and the system asked me for my mobile phone (which is registered to the account) and it said there were no accounts with such number. Then asked for my customer number and it told me it didn't exist. Then it told me that the waiting  time (to talk to someone) was 41 minutes!!!!

I was worried so I signed in with my customer number (the same one I've provided before) and it send the code for the two-factor authentication to my mobile phone... to the very same number they said it didn't exist in the system.... !!! I got into my account and everything looks ok... Is this a glitch or a HACK ????

Godaddy support is hopeless .. no tickets or chat... it sucks.. and I feel like a mushroom!!

I've received the same. did not request it, but when going into my account all my details are there and correct. My website is still as normal running via Squarespace. Have they made a bo bo?