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Issue with SSL

I have 2 domains and have just upgraded my hosting package to receive the dedicated SSL. Only the "primary" domain is showing secured. I'm trying to install/transfer it to the second domain which is actually the primary. I've tried about 100 times to make the secondary the primary it just doesn't want to work but that's probably an irrelevant issue. How do I go about swapping the dedicated certificate onto the other domain? It's not showing on my products panel so I haven't been able to find a tutorial that helps. When I check the SSL/TLS in CPanel, it's there on the primary domain. On the SSL/TLS page on CPanel, when i hit "use certificate for new site" and hit the domain in the drop down, I get the error "The certificate does not match your selected domain." I've tried a few things but none worked and I'm a little lost here so any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Update: Fixed.