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Missing SSL/TLS in Control Panel

I've created a Let's Encrypt certificate and my instructions say to add the certificate via Control Panel's SSL/TLS icon in the Security section. However there is no Security section or a SSL/TLS icon in my Control Panel. I do have a SSL Certificates icon in my Tools section but it does nothing when I select it. How do I access SSL/TLS management? I have the Deluxe Web Hosting Linux plan.


I have seven small web sites, none of which handle any financial transactions or user registrations / data. There's really no reason to pay a premium for a commercial certificate, and GoDaddy's SSL fee would more than double my hosting fee.


My plan expires next month. If I cannot install the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in my Deluxe Web Hosting Linux plan, I will not pay double my hosting cost to get GoDaddy's SSL certificates. Almost every other hosting service like Bluehost and HostGator include SSL for free. Bluehost and HostGator seem to be viable alternatives to GoDaddy and much more inexpensive with the free SSL service.


Re: Missing SSL/TLS in Control Panel

 This is exactly why I am moving away from godaddy.

Same Problem


Re: Same Problem

SSL tool is not working in deluxe linux web hosting.   when I click SSL tool it takes to list of domains page.  If it does not work, then why the SSL icon is provided in Tools section. 

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Re: Missing SSL/TLS in Control Panel



The difference between the free SSLs that are offered compared to paid ones is one (the paid one) offers protection in the event of a compromise. If the SSL failed to protect the site information, then the SSL provider pays out a certain amount of money. If the same thing happens with the free SSL, good luck in court.


As for not having the SSL/TLS option in your cPanel dashboard, that sounds like an issue you need to contact support about. 


FYI, there's also a pretty good tutorial on how to install LetsEncrypt certificates pinned in this forum.

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Re: Missing SSL/TLS in Control Panel

Thanks Joe. I should have come back to this thread with an update.


Interesting on the "insurance" offered by paid SSL services. None of my sites do any financial transactions or contain protected data, so that feature does not factor for me.


I did ultimately find the LetsEncrypt threads here and on other sites. I ended up registering SSL through LetsEncrypt and writing a script to automagically renew the certificates before they expire. It works extremely well and has been through many renewal cycles without problem. Anyone interested can google " LetsEncrypt". GitHub and Medium have good information.


Thanks again,