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Phishing - what's GoDaddy's process when GoDaddy is hosting the phishing page

I am perplexed as to GoDaddy's process is for removing a phishing webpage.

The reporting process is very easy - add the details to a form and press send.

This goes into a black hole and maybe you get a response.

Sure you receive the template response that thanks you for your input.
For what seems like an obvious phishing page that has infected another GoDaddy hosted website, it takes a long time (1-2 days) to receive a notification with a reference number - (maybe)

The site maybe up for another 4-5 days - really not acceptable.

What's the process after the reference number is generated ? 
How long does GoDaddy wait for the website owner to respond for its removal before access is revoked ? Is access revoked or does GoDaddy wait for a period of time (weeks) to enforce their ToS ?