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SSL Cert Revoked

I am working on behalf of a client of mine. My client had purchased an SSL certificate on November 26th. I installed the SSL certificate via CPanel. The site is accessible via some browsers (like Opera), but not others (like Firefox) due to a revoked SSL certificate.

Firefox Cert Revoked


After going to SSLLabs, it too showed that the certificate is revoked.

SSL Labs


GoDaddy's SSL Tools displays the below data.

GDaddy SSL Tools


Under  , I found a page that had the below data concerning the SSL cert in question.

Revoked SSL Cert

We were only sent the one email with the certificates, yet the above data shows that the first cert was revoked and another was issued, yet we never received it nor were we notified. I had contacted GoDaddy's customer support phone-line only to hear them tell me that I do not know what I am doing, that I installed it wrong, that I should have used CPanel (which is how I installed this cert just like all of the others I have installed in my 10+ years of experience), and that they would be more than happy to install it themselves for an outrageous price. GoDaddy denies that the certificate was ever revoked (yet their own website states that it was revoked). I have never had an issue like this before. GoDaddy used to be the best (what went wrong?). In the last phone call (which was an hour ago), I was told that I installed it wrong and that the cert was not revoked, but that I can have another one re-issued for a certain fee. If there were honestly nothing wrong with the cert that my client purchased from GoDaddy, why would GoDaddy offer to sell him another one?


In summary, how does one go about getting GoDaddy to provide the certificate that has not been revoked?