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SSL Certificate Import onto SonicWALL SRA4600

I have just renewed my SSL certificate and need to install it onto my SonicWALL SRA 4600 appliance. When attempting import of certificate it states the file must be server.crt and server.key however the downloaded ZIP file from Go Daddy is not named like this and therefore fails to import.

Anyone help?


Hello @Scott_Paulley!


Thank you for posting. I'd recommend unzipping the file you download from us to get the files you need from it and upload them. If you need the intermediate certificate, you can get that from our repositoryIf you're still having trouble after that, reach out to our support team.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Rename files to server.key and server.crt.  Then zip them.  The final result is one zip file named:  Will work like a charm.

 Which files do you rename to server.crt and server.key? Should I download the certificates from Other, Tomcat, IIS, Exchange, etc?