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Spam pages are using my URLS


When i researching some keywords my website jump into google research but when you click on the link it shows a spam website of pharmaceutical pills how can i do to protect my URL? Thanks in advance

Screen Shot 2562-02-04 at 15.37.56.pngScreen Shot 2562-02-04 at 15.35.54.png

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Hello there @StephaneRacine,


Based on the info you provided, I would say you've got a malware infection. It's less likely, but there's also the possibility that your DNS has been hijacked. That's very unlikely, though.


EDIT: Confirmed you have malware. 


What you need to do is get something like Website Security. I would get Essentials at a minumum but I would suggest Deluxe so that you have the firewall to prevent this in the future.


After the cleaning is complete, just resubmit your sitemap to Google so they rescan your site and update the links.


That should solve your issue.

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Hello Joe

Really appreciate your help, i submit for deluxe protection and they clean the website and double check on google already fixed without submitting to google.


Your help was really important, thanks again.