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What is the price of SSL?

I have a domain and i want to buy a ssl for it. Please tell me the price as well as period duration.


Re: What is the price of SSL?

Hi @stephenashlley!


Glad you're making the move to a more secure site! 


You can find pricing on our SSL's on our site here:


Of course, you can always call our 24/7 Customer Service and Sales line to get the best pricing available to you.


Hope this helps!


Helper I

Re: What is the price of SSL?

If you don't wish to pay for SSL. You can obtain it for FREE and install it yourself in GoDaddy.


Below, I've explained how I did that and I hope you find it useful. Please note, I have a shared deluxe hosting package so you may not have the option to manage SSL certificates if you're on a different hosting package.


Good luck!



Re: What is the price of SSL?

How can i install a ssl on this site. Is there any 6 month SSL.

Re: What is the price of SSL?

How can i get an SSL for my website for 2 years. I want to buy it for 2 years. Can you please help me out...