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"Manage" Button for WebSite Security Does Not Work

I am getting so tired of calling in to Support every time I need my firewall cache flushed. The "Manage" button takes me to an about:blank page. This has been going on for almost two months now, and it's getting very tiresome. Sometimes when I call in, the support person tells me that they want to tell me how to flush the cache. I know how to flush the cache. I just can't get to it. Every other button on the page takes me to where I want to go, but not this one!

Yes, I have used four different browsers, Opera, Firefox, Edge and Chrome and flushed the caches (which I do routinely anyway). Is there a solution to this problem?


I also have this problem. Does anyone have a solution please?

This is not working for me us well. Why spend half an hour waiting for someone to answer a phone call, then get an apology that it's out of their hands. GoDaddy...just let us do what we've paid you to let us do, in managing our own security. I do not ever want to call someone up, I am very capable of using the system myself, yet your blocking us from doing it.