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"You've got web site security basic"

Does anyone else see this for what it is? Godaddy just raised the rent on each of my websites. "Activate it now to get free . . . " Free until renewal time comes along. Then each piece of this free stuff comes with a price. Its all about snatching another bit of my hard earned income. A web hosting company that allows hackers to place malware on their servers is not doing their job. Its's not an attack on my web site. It's an attack on their server farm. When I pay for hosting services I have a minimum expectation that I am conducting business in a safe place. Of course this is on top of the Sales call I received asking me to spend several hundred dollars per website for SSL. Sorry but if my website is not safe here then I need to be looking elsewhere for my hosting services. Your comments are encouraged. 

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Re: "You've got web site security basic"

I agree.  When they let me know I had malware on my site I thought well why is it there and why aren't you getting rid of it.  How wide open are their servers?  I thought that hosting sites naturally came with security.  It's like buying a house without any locks on the doors - robbers clean the place out when I'm gone then the seller tells me "we can help you out" - we'll give you some locks for free (and charge you for them later).  I'm looking for for a little more integrity.


Re: "You've got web site security basic"

Hello @CNC_Geek and @alharlow,


I am happy to answer your questions:

The GoDaddy servers are secure, we have many security measures in place to protect each account and the overall server but when you buy a hosting plan from us, you are renting hosting space and you decide what goes on that account. Think of it as renting a house, it comes with walls, doors, windows and locks but if you leave a window open then it’s not 100% secure since anyone can come in through the window. Its the same with hosting, if your website is insecure then somebody can exploit it and compromise the website. If your home PC gets infected and your password stolen then somebody can login and upload malware on your website. In most cases we see websites getting compromised due to outdated software or stolen login credentials.

Regarding SSL:
SSL is used for encrypting the connection between your user and the hosting server, it does not provide any extra security other then encrypting sensitive information. SSL is used to protect that information so nobody can look at it while in transit.

If you like to add extra security to your website then I would recommend looking into our security packages, think of it as installing an alarm in your house with motion sensors:

Krasimir K
Remediation Lead/Supervisor