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suddenly getting malware

In the past few months, I have gotten two emails from Godaddy that I have malware.  This is curious as I've had the web site for sometime and haven't made changes.  Why is godaddy allowing malware to be put into my hosting account?  I know they want to sell security products to me, but this isn't the way to go.  What is up?

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I think a lot of people have that same feeling @mckinlt but in this case perception is not reality. GoDaddy does not want your website to have malware. GoDaddy probably cares more about your website not having malware than you care about yourself? GoDaddy works very hard to keep their servers (on which your website is hosted) free of malware and if issues are found will notify you.


In most cases these notices are not an extra service but instead a function of your hosting. If you require some assistance removing malware support may suggest a extra service but that is more to assist in a quick resolution of the issue. Occasionally some users feel over their abilities when dealing with malware and the extra services GoDaddy offers can be a value add. Some hosting companies will terminate your hosting if your website is constantly reporting malware.


I can't speak to how, why or when your website was compromised but to say that GoDaddy "allowed" it is a bit unfair. There are many ways that a website can become infected some of which are not the fault of the hosting platform. I don't know what your website runs on but perhaps the vulnerability was in the software or files? You mentioned that you haven't made changes for "some time and haven't made changes", does that mean that you have do not update your website security often?


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