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Major flaw with Smart Line... It does not really truly keep personal and business seperate - Why?

I like the concept as I have used another provider for a while thus know how it works.

The issue is if you have the Do Not Disturb turned off and you happen to loose cell service and a call comes in, it will go to your personal voice mail.  BIG Programming flaw by the designers of the app.

What if my business was something that should never get to my personal voice mail? 

The service is not as advertised as it does not keep the two separated.  The only way I can really use the app to receive calls is to only leave the do not disturb off when I'm confident I will receive all calls over cell service.  If the phone is turned off while the DND is off, all calls go to personal voice mail.  Very bad design in the app.  If you reject a call it goes to personal voice mail.  The only two ways I have found to have the call go to smartline voice mail is to just not answer the call or have the DND turned on.  

The other company with the same service keeps all aspects of the second number unique to that service.  Does not dump the call to personal number / voice mail if you happen to be in a dead cell spot when a call comes in.

GoDaddy really dropped the ball on this one.  I'm shocked that they designed it to work as outlined above. 

I'm hoping that they will fix the app to work as advertised "keep business and personal separated"  "two numbers on one phone". 

I love the Voice Mail to text feature, very cool.  All other aspects appear to be working as advertised. 

I paid for a year and will stay put for a while, in hopes that they will take note and fix the issue.

Got a really good number like (Example:  678-576-7890) thus want to keep the number.

I Will port it out to another provider if they don't fix the issue in the next few months.  No big deal as I'm just one of thousands of customers.  I like GoDaddy, thus hope to be able to stay if this major flaw is corrected.

Thanks for reviewing this post.  I'm hopeful it gets to the decision makes that just might agree and  find a way to fix the issue causing my concern.  I'm thinking it was programmed that way and needs a major patch or version upgrade to fix. 


Re: Major flaw with Smart Line... It does not really truly keep personal and business seperate - Wh

I'm adding to the above post.  The text below is from an email received from GoDaddy stressing the importance of keeping your personal number private. 

Because the app does not truly work 100% as a stand alone number with respect to all services attached to it (i.e. Voicemail), the service is not what they are pushing as the key point for having the service. "Keep your personal number private". 

I'm still hoping the development team takes a look at this and fixes the issue in the app's functionality.

The app should treat the number as it's own entity.  That's not sending calls to personal voice mail when the phone is off or lacking cell service.  We all know cell service is not 100% all of the time.

-------------  eMail Text Below from GoDaddy --------------

Keep your personal number private.

Your Smartline number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

Install the SmartLine app right away and start making calls showing this number as your caller ID.

Use your SmartLine when you promote your business — save your own number for friends and family.




Re: Major flaw with Smart Line... It does not really truly keep personal and business seperate - Wh

Hi @denverdale,

Thanks for reaching out. If you don't mind, could you share which other service solved it well? The SmartLine team listens to customer feedback and while we had identified a reliable solution for this problem, customers disliked the user experience and therefore we turned it off. We continue to research and look for a solution that is reliable and user friendly.


Looking forward to your response. 



Re: Major flaw with Smart Line... It does not really truly keep personal and business seperate - Wh

100% agree.  The lack of separation between my personal contacts and my business contacts is beginning to cripple me.  Because I do not want my business contacts in my personal iphone contacts, I cannot 'rename' customers within the app, so my app is just filled with dozens and dozens of numbers with no way to know who it is (unless you memorize all the numbers!)

This has made for sorting back through contacts to send reminder texts or even return calls SO difficult.


It is going to drive me away from the Smartline app without a solution.



@denverdale The customer support told me the reason for kicking to the personal phone voicemail is due to the nature of the way the virtual number works.  It isn't great, but I changed my personal Voicemail to also sound like my business incase the calls kick to it.  Not great but works ok.  

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