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Serious Programing Flaw with SmartLine for Multiple Numbers.

I'm a big fan of Go Daddy and plan to switch all of my web domains over to their service within the year.  However their Engineering team really dropped the ball in a big way on their SmartLine project.  


For a company focused on servicing entrepreneurs they sure didn't take into consideration that maybe someone will want a number for multiple companies or have multiple client type phone numbers for one company.  This is forgivable but what is not forgivable is they encourage users to buy additional lines when they know their app is not programed at all to handle multiple numbers.  BIG MISTAKE. I made the fatal error of alerting my customers of my new Smartline number only to find out that multiple numbers are sent strait to voice mail. 


Not having simple product features like hold music or extensions is understandable.  Telling customers to buy a product they cannot service is not acceptable. The director of this company project seriously hurt the GoDaddy's brand and credibility.


Re: Serious Programing Flaw with SmartLine for Multiple Numbers.

Thank you - you just answered my question - I was #313 in line for chat help.  Yeah I needed a second, consecutive (hopefully), Smartline number and needed it to ring to the same phone - we just wanted to differentiate closing calls from all others.  Guess thats not happening with this service.  Also stinks that it doesnt work with Windows phones, but then again, what does.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Serious Programing Flaw with SmartLine for Multiple Numbers.

Thanks for coming back and letting everyone know @John27! We'll be continuing to add additional features and functionality to Smartline over time so stay tuned. Take care and have a great day!