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Storage of Contacts Separate from Phone Contacts - Separation of Text + Calls

I have 2 major issues with Smartline and as my business grows these are crippling me.


1 - Smartline needs to store contacts separate from my phone contacts. 

- This needs to happen sooner than later!  I have a separate number for my business so that I can keep personal and business separate, I DO NOT want to store hundreds of work contacts into my phone with my personal contacts.  The problem is if I do not, then the contacts only show up as phone numbers which makes keeping track of text conversations within smartline VERY VERY difficult.  Currently this issue will push me away from using smartline because it is hindering my ability to easily and effectively communicate with clients.

2.  Text messages and Calls should show on different tabs within the app.  This would further streamline the user end of the app, helping to organize and clarify text conversations and call logs.

Who Else Agrees?  Speak up so we can get GoDaddy to update this app!  This is an invaluable tool for a small business owner like me, but sooner than later I will have to give up on it if the contacts can't be stored separate from personal phone contacts.  


Thank you


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Re: Storage of Contacts Separate from Phone Contacts - Separation of Text + Calls



I'm sure you can appreciate the level of work that goes into coding and creating a fully functional IP based telecommunication system and the level of expertise it takes to implement program-wide changes without breaking the working part of the application. 


I can assure you that based on everything I've seen from the development teams in the past, GoDaddy's experts are working daily to improve the product. 

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