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500 Error after updating via Godaddy dashboard

Just updated 5 plugins via Godaddy dashboard, then I got a 500 error when trying to access my site, not only the WP-Admin directory, but also the whole site.

What is the possible reason and what should I do?



Same error here. But even if I rename the plugins folder, the error remains. I have contacted godaddy's chat support yesterday but basically no help.
First they wanted to sell me a webpage developer support for 150 USD because the normal chat support is not enough... and it must be a scripting error... yes sure!

Then I pointed out that there are similar problems in the forum. Reply: "oh yes you are right, the problem is at our end, we are addressing this issue asap."

Just great... will move my website if possible to another provider when my subscription runs out.

I rolled back to previous backup and updated all the plugins in WP's dashboard.  Everything is ok so this should be a problem from Godaddy's updating script.