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502 error when sending an attachment.

I am having a problem. I am running a website where I require people to attach a file and submit a form. 

The website is able to effectively send emails but the moment I add an attachment to the form and require it to send an email I get a 502 error or the contact form perpetually loads but never sends the file. 


When I create a BRAND NEW contact from it will successfully send a file the FIRST time only.


I have tried, Contact form 7, Huge IT forms and quite a few other plugins with the same results. PLEASE help.

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What file formats did you designate as acceptable types?   I know in the past that GoDaddy blocked .doc and docx due to security issues.  .pdf and .zips are okay.


Maybe @Gabe from GoDaddy can confirm what file types are allowed with Managed WordPress uploads.


HTH! 😉


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