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Difference in WordPress Packages



I intend to create a blog on Men's Fashion. 


I have blogging experience, but not experience of actually running the site.


After doing some research, WordPress seems like the best option for starting this blog, however the abundance of different packages has left me confused.


Here are the two that I have found...


1. Websites > WordPress Websites

This sounds like it has everything I need apart from managed updates.




2. WordPress > Hosting (Managed WordPress)

To me, this looks identical to number 1 apart from the fact that they handle updates.



I am looking for a plan where I don't get too bogged down in the technical back end aspect, as I'm sure it can get complex - but I want the option to be able to customise the site beyond the website builder.


However, I am sure that in other plans that include a website builder, you can manually install WordPress and have the same experience but with more flexibility?


Also, it is unclear how much bandwidth both of these plans have.


Obviously, if neither of the plans I have outlined are the best for what I'm looking for, recommendations would be appreciated.




Community Manager

Hi @Link66. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Great questions. Allow me to try to clarify. The plans you see in WordPress websites and Managed WordPress websites are essentially the same. They both have the same backend technologies and updates (I'll touch on that in a bit). The only difference is that with WordPress websites, we have an additional layer of assistance that will walk you through naming your site, adding some contact information, and choosing a template. It's completely optional and you can skip it if you wish. I'd recommend going that route. If you use the guided set up and find you don't like the experience, you can reset the site and start from scratch, using whichever theme you wish. 


Managed WordPress/WordPress Websites is ideal for someone that wants the ability to host a WordPress site but not the hassle of keeping backups and performing WordPress core updates. These are done automatically. You do still need to do plugin and theme updates, but there is an interface that allows you to do this fairly easily. If updating a plugin or theme breaks the site, you can roll it back to one of the daily backups provided. 


In regard to Website Builder plans, it's actually NOT possible to use WordPress in conjunction with one of these. It's an entirely different platform. If you wanted the ability to manually install WordPress, you would need to consider a Web Hosting plan, like our cPanel Hosting. Hope that helps. 


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