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Does Duplicator Plugin Work With Godaddy

Does Duplicator Plugin Work With Godaddy?


It isn't for me. I've tried a lot of things (changed upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, memory_limit, max_input_time and max_execution_time) but I can't get it to work on a Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel plan. 

The problem seems to be coming from I/O usage (probably during the zipping phase of the backup process).

I'm trying UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore right now. It is taking a lot longer but I don't have any errors so far. (I still see some I/O spikes though...).


To be honest I didn't expect an ultimate plan being restricted to the point backup is impossible...

ok thanks Fabien, unfortunately a bit too advanced for me but glad to hear I'm not the only one.


I followed; 

but it didn't work.


I uploaded the Duplicator installer & archive files and ran
but wasn't sure what values to enter for "MySQL Ddatabase"

Host ?
Database ?
User ?
Password ?


so far haven't had any solutions so I'm assuming that the only option is to do all wordpress development on Godaddy and uploading WAMP projects on a PC is not possible?


will try UpdraftPlus though, thanks.


If you got to page where you need the database info maybe you can restore your website without any problem.

If I remember correctly host should be localhost.

You also need to create a database in cPanel and assigned a user to it. When you've done this you just have to give these 3 informations to Duplicator.


I had a problem during the restoration phase and had to unzip the files manually on the server to get it to work.

Hope it will help.

I just wondered if anyone has used duplicator to upload a wordpress project from PC to Godaddy?


when I run installer.php and test connection I get




Version:no connection

Compatibility:This Server: [no connection] -- Package Server: [5.7.14]


I uploaded the Duplicator installer & archive files and ran and then wa asked to enter Host, Database, User and Password.


for Host I used "localhost". the rest I got from ... manage hosting I clicked the Databases link, Users tab and then selected the wordpress database and got the Database name, and set new values for Database username and password.


I uploaded the Duplicator installer & archive files and ran

can someone tell me how to find the values for for "MySQL Ddatabase"

Host ?
Database ?
User ?
Password ?


Zip Archive is not enabled on Godaddy sites so that one has to enable it to get it to work.
Login to your account at GoDaddy and then go to My Account -> Hosting -> cPanel.
Click the cPanel Admin blue button to open cPanel.
In cPanel scroll down to the Software section. Click Select PHP version. All the way to the right look for zip and then click the checkbox beside it. Then click Save.
Go back to your site and Create a backup/Package in Duplicator.

I tried again creating a backup but again I received a Host Build Interrupt. I selected the option to download the beta of Duplicator 1.3.5 that also contains DupArchive (a better way to backup the site). I tried again doing a backup and received another Host Build Interrupt message, and this time I turned on the DupArchive method and tried again. This time because of the DupArchive I was able to create a backup.

Bottom line. Enable Zip through the PHP version page. Go back to your web site and download the beta of Duplicator that enables DupArchive. Delete the regular version of Duplicator and upload the beta. Install and then go to Duplicator -> Settings -> Packages – Click the DupArchive (beta). Click Save Package Settings. Go and create a new backup/package.