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File not found (404 error) after setting up hosting and installing WordPress

File not found (404 error)

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How fix problem? Host is new but domain is old .After setup host and install WP the problem appeared..
Example :


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: File not found (404 error)

Hi @bigli. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The file name in your screenshot seems strange. A 404 error means that the file/resource you're trying to access isn't available where you're looking for it. Since the file has "deleteme" in it, it makes me think that maybe the WordPress install or an update didn't complete successfully. If you're still having this issue, you may want to try reinstalling WordPress (if it's a new site) or maybe just replacing core WordPress files and disabling your plugins. You can usually download core WordPress files from Hope that helps. 


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