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Folder permissions do not stay

I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to to ask this but I'm hoping someone can help me out.


I'm migrating my WordPress site to a new domain/host using duplicator. I've done everything needed. Copied the public_html folder, uploaded the Archive and installer.php to their correct locations. . However whenever I try to create a new Database I receive:


Unable to read the database.sql file from the archive. Please check these items: 
1. Validate permissions and/or group-owner rights on these items: 
- File: database.sql 
- Directory: [/home/njdab1982/public_html] 


Their FAQ suggested a few things, and one was to Temporarily change the permission level to 777 on public_html. No problem, did that.


The database still will not install. Another strange thing is the 777 permissions will only stick until I try to install the Database. Once I try to install the database, it fails and the folders permissions revert back to 755.


Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.

Former Employee

The fact that even if you change the perms from files it changed it back is the driver of your site is always been the DB.
A huge possibility of misconfigured perms from database, I would recommend rewriting the perms from the database locally first, do not modify the perms if your done importing it,reason is it won't allow you remotely or on a shared server already. 
I am not used to configuring this locally I haven't tried it myself yet.
but If MySQL this things here : Or contact Godaddy they have a premium support to have a group of developers sort it for you.